waffle premix, softy premix powder etc.

We supply softy premix powder, waffle premix, waffle cone premix, gelato premix, ice cream roll premix, thick shake premix powder. Our products are suitable for wide range of food products. Premix is supplier in powder form and generally available in 1 kg packets. Premix is useful as it saves lot of time and gives consistent taste.


Waffle premix

Belgium waffles are a different kind of waffles with lighter base and deep larger squares. The famous toppings are chocolate syrup, confectioners sugar, cream, soft fruits like strawberry. We supply mainly 3 flavors: plain, chocolate and red velvet.

Price: Rs 150/Kg (GST extra)

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Waffle Cone Premix

Waffle cone premix is used to make thin, lighted, crisped cones which are  further used for ice cream serving. Hindmix supplies 5 flavors of waffle cone mix that are plain, chocolate, mint, strawberry and butterscotch. We also supply waffle cone maker.  

Price: Rs 120/Kg (GST extra)

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Ice Cream Premix

Ice Cream premix is used to make the ice cream dessert. In spite of being very basic flavors, these are still liked by everyone. These flavors are vanilla, butterscotch and kesar pista.

Price: Rs 200/Kg (GST extra)

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Softy PremixSofty ice cream

Softy premix is used to make softy/soft serve with the help of softy machines. We have wide range of softy premix powder flavors. These are vanilla, Chocolate, Butterscotch, Black currant, Pineapple, Strawberry and mango.

Price: Rs 116/Kg (GST extra)

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 Ice Cream Roll Premix Ice Cream Roll

Ice Cream Roll Premix is used for ice cream roll machines. It saves a lot of time and helps you in avoiding messy kitchen. There are 3 major flavors i.e. plain, vanilla and chocolate. This premix is made up of 100% natural ingredients.

Price: Rs 200/Kg (GST extra)

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 Gelato Premix

Our Gelato premix is available in many flavors. It is suitable for all gelato machines/Batch Freezers. The premix is to be used with full cream milk and it is advisable to add a little milk cream to make it more creamy.

Price: Rs 300/Kg (GST 5% extra)

For more information, click on Gelato Ice Cream Mix. 

Frozen Yogurt Premix

Frozen Yogurt ice cream is another kind of dessert made with freshly prepared frozen yogurt mixSome of the well-known flavors are blueberry, mango, strawberry, caramel, chocolate hazelnut and green apple. Click to know more about the frozen yogurt machines and their pricing.

Price: Rs 400/Kg (GST 5% extra)

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Milkshake Premix

Milkshake mix is used for preparing instant thick milkshakes. The key ingredients of milkshake are milk, whipped cream (optional), sugar and a flavor of your choice.

Price: Rs 250/Kg (GST 5% extra)

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Smoothies Premix

Smoothies are nutritious, having amazing taste, thick, fruity and the ideal drink for everyone. It is made up of raw fruits or vegetables. Smoothies mix consists the essential ingredients.

Price: Rs 275/Kg (GST 5% extra)

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Thick Shakes Premix

Thick Shakes are another form of milkshakes. The only difference between these two is, thick shakes are more denser and contains more ice cream than milkshakes.

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Brownie Premix

Brownie is a chocolate dessert eaten with additional hot fudge or choco chips on top of it. Making brownie using brownie mix is a very simpler and faster way.

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Sponge Cake Premix

Sponge cake is a soft, light weighted cake comprised of little fats. It can easily be made at home and used Sponge cake mix. Sponge cake mix is a premix powder contains all the essential ingredients.

Click on sponge cake mix, for more about its recipe.


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We are having clients in Delhi, Mumbai, Banglore, Chennai, Kolkata etc. Hindmix supply premix in all over India. 


Softy Premix

Softy Premix

Ice Cream Roll Premix

Ice Cream Roll Premix

Hindmix is a brand owned by Hindchef Pvt. Ltd. We also supply customized flavors. Our products are FSSAI license approved. 

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